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There was a stone 
on the middle
of the road

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2006 Industrial Design at Universidade Belas Artes de São Paulo


2018 Lisa Walker

2017 Iris Einchenberg

2016 Ruudt Peters
2016 Tanel Veerner

2015 Sofia Björkman

2015 - 2018 | Thomas Conh Gallery - Sao Paulo - BR
2019 | New Gallery - Sao Paulo - BR

2017 - 100 Anos do Modernismo | Galeria Ziriguidum | Poços de Caldas - BR
2018 - ll Bienal Latinoamericana de Joyería Contemporánea | AQUELLO QUE ABRAZA – CCBA Centro Cultural Brasil-Argentina | Buenos Aires - AR

“There was a stone on the middle of the road,” wrote Brazilian poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade. A site of passages and journeys, the road is a place of encounter of materials and elements that find their forms in these necklaces. The horsehair brings the independence and mobility of the living being, concrete embodies the artifice of the human hand, and the mica stones keep the secrets of the art of geology. Enveloping the neck, the meeting of these elements occurs at the threshold of sculpture and design, the conrete and the abstract.


Form is the product of abstraction and matter, concept and touch. The concretization of cement as a material reveals the subtle and delicate solidity of the human chest. Human destiny meets the determination and freedom of horses. Design is the road of the necklace, and sculpture is the means of the form. The abstract shapes that compose these necklaces hold an unknown map of fate: what road it will it take?


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